iPhone Gloves

touchscreen glovesBack in the day, cellphones came with square plastic things on them called buttons. Then the iPhone arrived and touchscreens replaced buttons on almost all smartphones.

The great advantage of touchscreens is that the screen size can be far larger when a physical keyboard is no longer needed. Just compare the screen size on a qwerty Blackberry to an iPhone or Android touchscreen if you need convincing.

The downside of most touchscreens is that they need your fingers to physically touch the screen as they rely on your skin conducting electricity. This means that these “capacitive” touch screens just won’t work when used with gloves. Try sending an emergency text message when you’re stranded in a blizzard and you’ll find that the screen just won’t recognise your touch when wearing even relatively thin gloves. This is because the gloves act as an insulator to your body’s electricity so rendering the device useless.

This is where specialist iPhone gloves come in. They have a thin layer of metal fibres built into the gloves which conduct electricity so that you can use your iPhone, iPad or other touch screen device whilst still keeping your hands from freezing. The perfect solution to a chilly problem.

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